Revealed: five dog attacks on sheep in Tipperary in last four months

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


Revealed: five dog attacks on sheep in Tipperary in last four months

IFA appeal to dog owners: There have been five dog attacks on sheep in Tipperary since March

There have been five sheep attacks in County Tipperary in the last four months, according to figures released this Wednesday by the IFA.

IFA Sean Dennehy said Garda statistics showing nearly 50 dog attacks nationally on sheep since March proved that dog owners continue to act in an irresponsible manner.

“These statistics highlight two clear issues: irresponsible dog ownership and the magnitude of the problem of dog attacks on sheep," he said.

Despite repeated appeals, he said dog owners refused to take responsibility for their pets.

“IFA has a detailed protocol on this issue. Farmers are fed up with the casual approach of some dog owners who will not accept the damage their pets can inflict on sheep,” he said.

“While we encourage flock owners to report attacks, this may not even be the full picture. The injuries inflicted on sheep are horrific and farmers may be too upset or traumatised to report to the Gardaí what has happened,” he said.

Mr Dennehy reminded dog owners that sheep farmers are entitled under law to defend their livestock and if their flock were threatened, the law did allow them to shoot the dog.

IFA had repeatedly asked the Government to put serious resources into a single database on microchipping and an adequate dog warden service, but it hadn’t happened, he said.

“We will be making fresh proposal to the new Government and expect to see some action in this area.” said Mr Dennehy.

There have also been two incidents of dogss chasing cattle in the Nenagh area over the past few weeks.

In one incident, a valuable pedigree breeding bull had to be put down after it broke a leg while being chased by dogs.