Extra bus parking is needed in Cashel

Extra bus parking is needed in Cashel

Bus parking needed in Cashel

Bus parking for visitors to Cashel needs to be a priority, says one local representative.

The Municipal District is currently considering various locations in and around Cashel with a view to providing coach and car parking facilities in the future.

This was in response to a recent call from Cllr Tom Wood that, “due to increasing visitor numbers and other visitor related developments, I call on the relevant sections.. to proceed with the identification of suitable sites for such facilities as a matter of urgency”.

While the Cashel Palace car park (planned as part of its redevelopment) will play a “major role” in providing accommodation for coaches, there is still a need to retain tourists in the heart of town, he argued.

The former Presentation Convent is close by to the proposed Friar Street Bolton Library exhibition, and there could be parking in that area. “It’s very close to the town centre,” said Cllr Wood. “There were 360,000 visitors to the Rock” up to last month, and “we have to look at what we can do to attract more coaches.”

There should also be a standardised approach to shop fronts in the heritage town, and new shop owners should be made aware of the guidelines, the local councillor said.

“Cashel Tipperary Municipal District is currently in the process of replacing the entry signage for Cashel town and providing estate signage in Tipperary town. All other road signs will be reviewed as part of this process, and any redundant signs removed,” management responded. The guidelines for shop fronts are also available in the Town Development Plan, said District Administrator Marie McGivern.