Toyota RAV4 - a supreme machine worthy of serious consideration

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


The 2019 Toyota Rav4 hybrid

The 2019 Toyota Rav4 hybrid

There are many things to like about the RAV4

Toyota have gone big with their hybrid revolution. And, we don't just mean their petrol/battery powertrains which are currently revolutionising the fleet.
No, we mean big – size wise.

Take the new Corolla for instance – much bigger than its predecessor. Then you have the magnificent new Toyota Camry – again, much bigger than its predecessor, the ultra successful and reliable Toyota Avensis.

So, it probably should not have come as a major surprise that the new RAV4 is also much bigger than its previous version. Truth is, the RAV4 we reviewed from Templemore Motors is a superior vehicle, with style and substance to match its spacious interior.

Toyota have overhauled this favourite alright and the muscular look really impresses from the very outset. It has sculpted, sharp dynamics with the rugged looks extending from the front LED headlights, right through to the unique tail lights. So, it is a winner on the looks front, but so too are many other SUV's which have flattered to deceive. Not so with the RAV4.
The 2.5 litre hybrid dynamic force powertrain ensures that this beast travels with ease and while it doesn't have the kind of pick-up associated with boy racers, at cruising speed, this machine is in comfort mode – it still does 0-100km/h in 8.4 seconds. It drives so smoothly, with great road holding and the automatic transmission makes it a cinch to navigate the highways and bi-ways of the county.

The RAV4 is packed with safety intelligence and innovation. Indeed, warnings go off for just about every potential danger and the parking assist system is as good as it gets in the industry. The interior is built with space in mind -a wide centre console gives the sense of space and the superior cabin is finished with the highest qualilty materials, including specially fitted leather seats.

While driver and front seat passangers are always well looked after in vehicles these days, the RAV4 really gives a shout out for the rear seat occupants who greatly enjoy generous footwells, wide back seats which afford plenty of shoulder room, and really confortable furnishings - “this is the best ever,” was one comment from the back seat reviewers.
There are many things to like about the RAV4 – cruise control, 17” allow wheels, automatically retractable door mirrors, dual-zone climate control, 7” multimedia display, electronic parking brake with hold, rearview camera and much much more. In fact, there is something for just about every motorhead to enjoy, while for others, a fraction of the functions might not be used.

So,the RAV4 is suitable for many customers, from the family car; to the commercial traveller who can let down the rear seats and enjoy huge space; to the sporty types who wish to stow away their equipment with ease. It will be a winner for all.
Coming in nine different colours, for just south of €40,000 give or take some, depending on specs, the RAV4 is a must have. The only pity is that the good folks in Templemore Motors, must have it returned!!