Landslide for Peter Casey in Iconic Newspapers poll

Sarah Smyth


Sarah Smyth

Peter Casey

Presidential candidate Peter Casey

Readers of the Iconic Newspapers websites, which includes, voted overwhelmingly for Peter Casey in the Presidential Election Poll that has been running over the past few days. 

Just under 10,500 votes were cast in the Presidential Election poll that ran on all 13 websites in the Iconic Newspaper group with Peter Casey winning the overall poll with 51.2% of the votes cast.

This was not a scientific poll, readers were just asked who they intended to vote for in Friday’s poll and Mr Casey was the resounding favourite.  

Sitting President Michael D Higgins received 28.2%, although all the national polls suggest that Mr Higgins will be returned to the Áras for a second seven year stint.

In third place was Liadh Ní Riada with 8.3% of the vote while Sean Gallagher came in fourth place with 5.4%.

Joan Freeman polled just 4.2% while Gavin Duffy came last with 2.4%.  

63% of readers voted for Peter Casey. Others voted Michael D Higgins (19%), Sean Gallagher (5%), Liadh Ní Riada (5%), Gavin Duffy (4%) and Joan Freeman (3%) respectively. 

“We do not expect Peter Casey to win the Presidency on Friday based on the national polls,” Sheila Reilly, Head of Digital with Iconic News explained.

“However judging by the number of readers who voted on our websites, it would be no surprise if Mr Casey performed a lot better than he has been polling until now.”

The polls was carried on the 13 websites in the Iconic Newspaper group on Monday until earlier today.  Websites in the group include:;;;;;;;;;;; and