Plan unveiled to move Rathcabbin waste





Plan unveiled to move Rathcabbin waste

A plan to move up to 40 tonnes of waste from the Shannon Vermicomposting site to the Ballaghveny landfill could take up to six years to complete according to Nenagh Council Municipal District’s latest meeting.

Two lined cells at the Ballaghveny landfill have been identified to take the waste as part of a major clean up operation in Rathcabbin.

Any waste taken from the Rathcabbin site will be mixed with other non hazardous materials, such as soil, however a series of enabling works will need to be carried out at Ballaghveny prior to the waste being moved.

The Shannon Vermicomposting site ceased operation in 2004 following protests by locals over foul odours emanating from the site, along with excess traffic on rural roads.

Cllr Michael O’Meara said it was a “hugely emotive issue” that caused huge stress to locals in the area, adding he was passionate about getting the waste removed as soon as possible.

Cllr Seamus Morris questioned whether the works would solve one problem while creating another, adding would the transportation of waste cause damage to the road network. Cllr Hughie McGrath asked would the disturbance of materials create a foul odour and where would the mixing of the materials take place.

However council officials dismissed any concerns over foul odours arising from the removal works explaining that tests from materials at the site have shown they are stabilized and should not give rise to foul odours.

Cllr O’Meara said communities need to be informed it is going to be a long, protracted process to get the waste removed but that it was positive for the community.