Work shows FG's 'commitment'


Work shows FG's 'commitment'

Deputy Noel Coonan has said that the introduction of natural gas to Nenagh shows Fine Gael's commitment to investing in Tipperary economies.

“ I am pleased this project progressed with Fine Gael in Government,” he said.

The extension of the gas network from Limerick to Nenagh is complete, and the next phase involves building out the gas and water networks around the town. These works started last October and will continue throughout 2016, he said. The final phase of the project, planned to commence in April / May, will continue to build the gas and water network around Nenagh. The project taking place is expected to be completed by early 2017.

Construction of gas and water mains will continue from January 25 until April on Church Road (St Flannan’s Street) and Summerhill from Sallygrove to Dublin Road.