CAVA Meeting on the General Election

North Tipperary Community and Voluntary Association (C.A.V.A.) extend an invitation to all voters in the Tipperary constituency, and also to voters in the Lower Ormond area of Tipperary for the Offaly constituency, to meet and raise topical issues with the election candidates. .

C.A.V.A. will host an open forum meeting at The Ragg (Younges), Bouladuff, Thurles on February 12th, 2016, commencing at 7:30pm. The format for this meeting is that the candidates will be given not more than 3 minutes to outline their policies and priorities for the coming 5 years. Then the floor will be given a chance to raise issues with the candidates. As C.A.V.A. are acutely aware that there are many people in all communities throughout Tipperary who feel disempowered, this is an opportunity for people and indeed committees to empower themselves and to have their issues brought to the fore.