Breaking: 36 arts groups in Tipperary awarded funding under the local authority arts grants

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


ooking for actors for brand new panto

Eight musical societies are amongst the 36 groups grant aided by Tipperary County Council.

Grants range from €250 - 4000 and will make a huge difference to all those groups awarded

Tipperary County Council this morning approved the granting of €47,312 in grants to 36 arts groups and events throughout the Premier County.

The grants range in size from €250 -4000 and were presented to members of the council by Arts Officer Melanie Scott. A total of 47 groups had applied for the grants but one was withdrawn and ten others did not meet the criteria set down.

There was an allocation of €14,750 for festivals and events and the remaining €32,600 went to other arts groups throughout the county. 

The approach to recommendations taken this year has been to retain previous funding levels to groups in so far as possible and in response to information submitted. This approach has been taken to retain existing levels of activity and expectation to support sustainability of development which has taken place in recent years.
Applications were assessed based on proposals submitted and costed as part of the application process and on artistic quality of the applications. While the council has not been in a position to fund the full amount requested for projects this year due to budgetary limitations, the local authority has  endeavoured to support some element of most applications based on the submitted information. For the most part the council has tried to maintain the amount of funding available to organisations whilst recognising in differing levels of funding to some groups that planned projects vary from year to year and therefore projected budgets will vary.
In the context of the New Festivals & Events Scheme 2018 and in line with the Tipperary Festivals & Events Strategy 2018-2020, festivals were no longer eligible to apply under this scheme and 30% of the budget was allocated under the Festivals & Events Scheme to arts festivals that previously would have applied under this scheme, as outlined in the festival policy.
There was a 27% increase in the number of applications to the scheme in 2018 which put pressure on resources available. The number of applications from Musical Societies increased from 5 in 2017 to 8 in 2018. A standardised approach has been taken to applications by musical societies given the pressure on resources due to increased demand and equity across
the county also taking into account the expenditure level and varying scale of production. This has resulted in a reduced allocation for some and an increase for others in 2018.

The same approach has been taken to applications by local Drama Groups this year. The  recommendations are made based on the information contained in project proposals submitted by applicants.

See this weeks Tipperary Star for a full rundown of the groups grant aided by the County Council.