Breaking: Great news for Thurles footpath users

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Thurles paths

Thurles footpaths are to be up-graded thanks to two different tranches of money.

Significant investment to upgrade paths throughout Thurles town

Footpaths in The Cathedral Town are to receive a major infusion of investment during the summer months in a bid to bring them back to an acceptable level, members of the Templemore Thurles Municipal District Council have been informed.
The paths have been the subject of much discussion in recent times with deterioration occurring throughout the town and resulting in many people having trips and falling. And, in light of this, the Irish Public Bodies Insurance which is the insurer of the local authorities, has allocated significant funding to Tipperary County Council for the repair and up-grade of footpaths.
This rebate is in light of so many claims and Thurles has been identified as one of the priority areas, considering the volume of claims from footpath trips. Essentially, the insurance company is hoping that by allocating the funds to the County Council to carry out repairs to the footpaths, there will be less claims from members of the general public and therefore, less payouts from them.
The news was brought to the attention of the public representatives at the May monthly meeting of the local authority by District Engineer Mr John Jones who said that the footpath infrastructure in Thurles is particularly poor at the present time.
“The paths need attention and it is our intention to get a lot of work done in the town during the summer months. This will have a big impact and it is very necessary work,” Mr Jones said.

Slievenamon Road footpath which is in very poor condition.

The District is also intending to invest the municipal allocation for paths in Thurles this year - a proposal which did not please Cllr Michael Smith who said that there are plenty of other areas in the District which could do with funding as well.
However, the idea is to get maximum value for money and the most possible volume of work done for the combined tranches of funding. With machinery in place, great economies of scale can be achieved and this is the intention of engineering staff who have given this course of action their blessing.
Chairman of the District, Cllr Seamus Hanafin (Fianna Fail) told The Tipperary Star that the investment in Thurles footpaths is very welcome and long overdue.

Cllr Seamus Hanafin (FF)

“I think we will see a very dramatic change in the footpaths in Thurles this summer with the work that is to be done and also with the completion of the Slievenamon Road works which are almost there.
“I have been saying all along that the loss of the block grant which was allocated to the Town Council and was used to deal with the likes of footpaths, was huge. The town has suffered as a result of not having the block grant, but at least now we will see some work done on the paths this summer. I welcome the fact that this work will be done and look forward to the footpaths getting the up-grade that all members have been seeking, ” Cllr Hanafin said.