Breaking: Thurles man meets the two heroes who saved his life

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Tom Medley

Gary Loughnane and Ger O'Grady pictured with Tom Medley (centre)

Tom Medley is recovering from his cardiac arrest and met up with Ger O'Grady and Gary Loughnane to say a big thank you.

Thurles cardiac arrest victim Tom Medley met the two men who saved his life this week and was delighted to be able to say a big thank you to them for their great efforts.
Tom, a well known figure in Thurles, was walking on Matthew Avenue a few months ago when he suddenly collapsed on the street and was suffering a cardiac arrest.
Luckily for him, former Tipperary hurling captain Ger “Redser” O'Grady and his Thurles Sarsfields clubmate Gary Loughnane, proprietor of Classic Barber, were passing by and, amazingly, both had been trained in CPR. The two men performed chest compressions on Tom and kept him alive until the emergency services arrived on the scene and took him to the Universaity Hospital, Limerick, where he has remained until last Friday.
“I don't remember a thing about it,” Tom told The Tipperary Star this week.
“I had been feeling fine - nothing wrong at all and then suddenly this happened. It was only later on that I realised what the lads had done and what had happened with regard to all that,” Tom added.
Ger and Gary received national acclaim for their efforts to save Tom's life and both had called for CPR to be included as part of a secondary school programme - possibly at Transition Year level. It is relatively easy to perform CPR once the proper training has been received and one never knows when it might be necessary to bring that training into practice.
Tom made his way to the Classic Barber premises on Friday for a haircut and was thrilled to meet up with Ger and with Gary and to say a big thank you to them for saving his life. The photo below is a rare one indeed, because Tom was not supposed to survive that cardiac arrest - in fact, had it happened anywhere else, the liklihood is that he would not have survived to tell the tale.
Gary Loughnane was bringing his son to school when he spotted Tom on the ground - Ger O'Grady was just arriving on the scene at the time and they both realised immediately what was happening. Ger, had been trained in CPR for work, and he commenced compressions, and took it turn with Gary, who was also trained in CPR - the chances of two trained CPR operatives arriving on the scene in the nick of time, are one in a million. Tom knows it and knows how fortunate he was.
“I have just come out of hospital on Friday and I am taking it very easy at the moment. They looked after me very well in Limerick and I am recuperating at the moment - it will take some time before I'm back to normal, but I am just lucky to have the chance to recover,” he said.
Gary and Ger, who are both heavily involved in Thurles Sarsfields, have been praised from far and wide for their great efforts. But, they are just delighted that Tom is on the mend and back home.