Superloo in Thurles is costing Tipperary County Council €56 per visitor

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon




The superloo costs €56 per visit to Tipperary County Council

Time in loo is leaving the council anything but flush with money

It's costing €56 per customer of the Superloo in Thurles Town Park - a figure which has prompted Fianna Fail Cllr John Hogan to claim this week: “It would be cheaper to buy them dinner, order a taxi and drive them home to use their own facilities, than to let them into the Superloo.”
The astonishing figure was revealed at a meeting of the Municipal District this week with the cost per customer having doubled from last year as a result of the usage halving, since the superloo was relocated from the Parnell Street car park, to the Town Park.
It's now costing €28,000 per annum, but the superloo is generating only €100 in revenue, meaning that the superloo is anything but flush for the local authority.

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