Two Tipperary women per week will seek abortions in 2019

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon



Continued overcrowding in South Tipp General Hospital

South Tipperary General Hospital is not set up for abortion services at present.

South Tipperary General Hospital is not set up to provide the service at present.

Up to 100 women are expected to seek abortions in Tipperary in the coming year, according to figures being quoted by the Tipperary For Choice organisation.
This means that there will be two abortions per week sought in The Premier County, with a steady increase in GP's signing up to provide medical abortions reported in the last two weeks.
While up to 170 GP's nationwide had signed up to provide the services by the first week of the new year, including a number in Tipperary, we understand that there has been a big jump in the figures since then from amongst the 3,500 doctors in the country.
But, there have been no reports so far of any protests at doctors surgeries across the county, despite such occurrences in other locations.
Tipperary For Choice, in a statement to The Tipperary Star has raised concerns regarding the availability of abortion care within Tipperary.
“We know from NHS statistics that at least 90 patients will need to access abortion care within the next year in this county. We are aware that Minister Harris expects an increase in the number of GPs conscientiously providing as services embed.
“However we are concerned with the lack of hospital provision within the county. We ask for a clear timeline for service provision in STGH. We ask for clarity with regard to provision of ultrasound if requested by a GP. Before the referendum we sought to ensure no one was left behind. Abortion care must be locally accessible,” TFC says.