Concern mounting in Tipperary over availability of drugs in Thurles housing estate

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon



Thurles drugs

Drugs are rampant in Thurles estate according to one concerned parent.

"I am afraid to allow my children out onto the road to play" says a concerned parent.

Concern is mounting in a Thurles housing estate about the scourge of drugs and their availability with one distraught parent informing The Tipperary Star there is real fear about allowing children out to play.
Heroin, cocaine and cannabis are being sold in open view according to this parent who has brought this to the attention of An Garda Siochana and also members of Tipperary County Council. However, the parent has expressed huge frustration at the fact that nothing appears to be happening to combat the situation.
“I am afraid to allow my children out onto the road to play because there is constant dealing going on and they are trying to get children to take these drugs. If they don't take them, there is intimidation and they are being bullied in school. It's a nightmare situation and these people are living in council houses and nothing is being done to stop them. Surely, there must be some powers to deal with them,” the concerned parent told The Tipperary Star this week.
The estate which includes Beechwood Lawns and Grove, College Green and Monakeeba, is the largest local authority estate in the Thurles district and despite many great efforts to promote and foster a sense of community in the area, anti-social difficulties have been a constant feature. And, according to the concerned parent who took the trouble to bring this matter to the attention of a number of authorities, those engaging in the drug dealing are well known to the authorities, have previous convictions for similar offences, and yet are being allowed to continue to do what they are doing.
“I cannot understand how this is allowed to continue. If I, or any of my family did something illegal, we would be prosecuted and brought through the courts. And yet, here we have people who are destroying the lives of our youngsters, not just in our estate, but throughout the town, and nothing appears to be happening to them. I am watching the dealing going on in open every day but nobody wants to know about it,” the parent said.
Gardai in Thurles have met with considerable success in the battle against the sale of illegal drugs with many offenders having been brought through the courts. However, drug dealing and misuse of illegal drugs remain one of the biggest challenges facing the authorities.
Our concerned caller has encouraged people to come forward with information to the Gardai in order to support the quest to rid the estate of the scourge of illegal drugs.