Tipperary farmers get a chance to earn extra cash during busy calving season

FRS has 80 seasonal farm vacancies in different locations

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary farmers get a chance to earn extra cash during busy calving season

FRS has 80 seasonal vacancies

As we approach the busy calving season, there are work opportunities for farmers with spare capacity to use their existing skills to generate significant additional income for themselves during the spring.

FRS Farm Relief Services has over 80 seasonal farm jobs available across Munster, Leinster and parts of Ulster and feel that these could be very appealing to farmers who may be under-employed on their own enterprise during this time.

Padraig Madden, operations manager, FRS Network said: “Farmers have a real opportunity each spring to use their skills and take up available seasonal, flexible and conveniently located work with FRS. We encourage those with any interest at all to talk through the various options with their local FRS office, who will work with them to find a suitable working arrangement.”

Peter Byrne, CEO of FRS Network said: “As the economy pulls out of the recession other industries are attracting people away from agriculture. Workers from the EEA are not coming to Ireland to work like they used to as they have work available at home.

“Sourcing the right people from non-EEA countries is proving difficult. Our services are in high demand, but the supply of suitable workers is unfortunately falling short. The jobs at this time of the year are short term and we feel that this would suit many individuals who are under-employed through their own enterprises and have capacity to earn outside their own farms.”

FRS has actively looked at many avenues to attract and upskill workers at home, but the seasonality of the work is proving to be unsustainable for some workers, but FRS believe that the seasonality will work for many others, they might just not realise the many options available.

“It is at the peak spring calving season that we need an influx of workers for 4 to 5 months to work for us. We discuss with the individual worker to find the most suitable work and location for them. We are calling for all farmers to take notice as this is a real opportunity for them to earn extra income,” said Padraig.

Applications can be made online at or by calling the FRS offices throughout the country or on 1890-790890.