Tipperary Town centre Moore Haven teams up with UCC

Eamon Lacey


Eamon Lacey




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Moore Haven in Tipperary Town  is to team up with the UCC Adult Continuing Education Department which has been delivering 3rd level education programmes in County Tipperary for many years.

Christine Chasaide, Outreach Programme CoOrdinator with UCC says, “I’m delighted to be working with the MooreHaven Centre in Tipperary Town to host the Diploma in Disabilities Level 6 & 7 course.
There are 20 students registered on the course and it is running one night a week at the MooreHaven Centre for the academic year 2019/21. This year UCC are particularly proud to welcome Dr. Sinead Kane, PhD, Qualified Lawyer and visually impaired athlete to lecture on the course.”

Sinead is a double Guinness World Record holder and is also the first female athlete to do the world marathon challenge. She has represented Ireland at the recent World Championships in Ultra Running. Sinead qualified after achieving 204.5km in a 24-hour race in Crawley in April 2019.
Following a stressful time, when the International Athletics Association tried to exclude her, based on her visual impairment and her need to use a guide runner, Sinead finally won a legal battle and the right to compete.

Sinead has never lets her disability hold her back and she is determined to show how persistence and determination can overcome obstacles in life.
December 3rd was International Day for people with disabilities. Anne Bradshaw from Disability Services with the HSE, who supports UCC Outreach programmes in Tipperary said, “What better way to meaningfully celebrate this day in Tipperary town than with Dr. Sinead Kane delivering her first lecture on Supporting Equality, Policy and Legislation with UCC at the MooreHaven Centre.”

Janine Duffy from the MooreHaven Centre is delighted with the new course. “Here at the MooreHaven Centre, we are committed to social inclusion and rights for all and we are thrilled to have Sinead Kane teaching the students on the course at the Centre.
We would love to see more and more students enrolling on disability based courses in the community and we are very happy to work with UCC to host the programme at our Centre.”

For further information on UCC ACE outreach courses you can contact Ms. Christine Chasaide at UCC. Telephone 021 4904700.

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