Huge sense of disappointment for golfers in Tipperary with delay to competitions



Fourballs are now permitted under Phase 2, but competitions must wait until June 29 at the earliest.

The return to golf throughout County Tipperary has now passed Phase 1 and it is noted how well members throughout the county adhered to the protocols set in place by their clubs to ensure the safety of our members and their families.

All courses are in excellent condition thanks to the work of dedicated grounds staff and members have been enjoying the fruit of their labours. 

Monday last saw the start of Phase 2 of the recovery with fourballs now permitted on golf courses.

However in many clubs throughout the country, there was a sense of huge disappointment among their members on Friday evening last when a GUI communication  declared that competition would not be allowed in Phase 2 contrary to an earlier directive by the union. The new date for a return to competition is June 29.

Members of clubs all over the country were quick to voice their feelings through various social media platforms.

But at least golf is open and casual golf continues and all golfers are – and should be – grateful for this.