UPDATE: Iarnrod Eireann restores Thurles stop on the 17.05 train from Dublin

The train from Heuston to Tralee will stop now in Thurles once more

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon



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The stop in Thurles of the 17.05 train from Heuston Station has been restored much to the delight of commuters

Iarnrod Eireann has restored the 17.05 train schedule from Heuston Station in Dublin to Tralee with a stop in Thurles after there was uproar following the changing of the journey to a direct one.

Many daily commuters from Thurles Railway Station used the 17.05 to get back home after a days work in the Capital and were distraught when IE changed the classification of the 17.05 - the train had been passing straight through Thurles for a number of weeks.

However, following intense political pressure from Deputies Jackie Cahill and Michael Lowry, among others, Iarnrod Eireann has not reverted to its original position much to the delight of the commuters. 

"This is welcome news because that train was always the aim for those who travel to Dublin for work every day. If you missed that train or could not get it because it was not stopping in Thurles, it prolonged an already long working day. So this is good news for us all," said one commuter this morning.