Tipperary's Kenny family are green fingered Unsung Heroes of lockdown

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter



Tipperary's Kenny family are green fingered Unsung Heroes of lockdown

A Tipperary Town family have been honoured as Unsung Heroes by food retailer MACE for helping their granddad during the lockdown.

MACE recently ran a community initiative inviting customers and the public to nominate someone who had gone the extra mile in their local community during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Alan Kenny from Tipperary Town wasted no time in nominating his daughters, Willow and Georgia May Kenny, for their efforts in lifting the spirits of their beloved grandfather Matt by tending to the needs of his cherished garden throughout the months of lockdown.

“Matt was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and while he is doing well post-surgery, his movement is restricted. This has severely hampered his ability to tend to his garden so, in order to keep his spirits up, in stepped his granddaughters Willow and Georgia May, who showed they have inherited his green fingers by making sure his lawn, plants, trees and shrubs were all cared for during the lock-down," said Alan.

After seeing his daughters lift the spirits of their grandfather, Alan was quick to nominate the girls.

"They have been terrific for their grandfather. During the lockdown he couldn’t get out into the garden so the girls were determined to do what they could to make sure they kept him smiling. They have been amazing during lockdown and deserve to choose a lovely treat for themselves and maybe a few packets of seeds for their grandad (pops) too," he said.

As well as receiving a voucher from MACE for their good deed, the Kenny family, and their fellow MACE Unsung Heroes, were treated to a video call from MACE ambassador, Ireland and Lions rugby superstar Johnny Sexton.