Calling Tipperary singers: Cashel Arts Festival needs you for its virtual choir

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


Calling Tipperary singers: Cashel Arts Festival needs you for its virtual choir

Cashel Arts Festival: looking for singers for its virtual choir

Cashel Arts Festival is looking for singers to take part in its virtual choir.

This year, Cashel Arts Festival is putting together a community choir and in line with public health advice, this will be done virtually.

They are looking for members of the local community, of all ages, to take par.

This project will be led by choir director and music teacher, Lena Hally and the audio and video will be put together by sound engineer, Pat Marnane.

The song that they will do is A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman, fitting in with the festival’s theme, 2020 Vision.

Most people will be asked to sing the main tune / melody of the song but there will also be an alto / female harmony line, which you can request in your email.

There is no limit to numbers so anybody who wishes, can take part.

Anybody interested in taking part are asked to contact Cashel Arts Festival at

You will be supplied with lyrics and a line tape (via email) that will have the tune that you will need to sing along with.

Record a video of yourself singing, while listening to the line tape on headphones (this will help us to all keep in time with each other). To do this, you will need one device to listen to the line and another device with which to record your video.

Send the video via email to website listed above.

All videos submitted will be put together into a video, showcasing Cashel Virtual Choir.

This will be available to view on various social media platforms as part of the Cashel Arts Festival programme.

If you like to sing and are interested in joining us in this community project, send an email with your name, phone number to the email address on or before Wednesday, July 29.

If you are not interested but know somebody who might be, please do share. The more the merrier!

The festival is looking forward to showcasing the vast musical talent and spirit in Cashel and the surrounding area.