Tipperary boat users: Waterways Ireland tackles 'harbour hogging'

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter



Tipperary boat users: Waterways Ireland tackles 'harbour hogging'

Dromineer harbour: Waterways Ireland is advising boat users they can only stay five nights at a public harbour

Waterways Ireland has defended its regulations which mean boat users can only stay at public harbours on Lough Derg for a maximum of five days before having to move on.

The issue has been highlighted by Cllr Seamus Morris, who claimed that four boat users were told to move on by Waterways Ireland during a recent event in Dromineer.

He called on Tipperary County Council to ask Waterways Ireland about the incidents.

“The country is about to enjoy a staycation boom and I want Tipperary to benefit from this,” he said.

Cllr Morris suggested that the council meets all agencies involved in Lough Derg so that the holidaymakers and the locals could enjoy the summer together.

Meanwhile, Waterways Ireland pointed out free moorings with access to water and electricity were provided to boaters in a wide range of locations on the Shannon Navigation in line with the bylaws, requiring them to move on after five days.

They said that the five-day rule was applied to facilitate touring and visiting boats using the public harbours, increased spending in the local economy and prevent "harbour hogging".

“Waterways Ireland is delighted that the level of harbour hogging on the Shannon has fallen this year, and that as many people as possible are enjoying the wonderful experiences on offer. Boaters wanting to stay in one location for more than five days are advised to secure a private mooring,” they said.