Uninsured Tipperary drink driver gave brother's name to the gardaí

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Uninsured Tipperary drink driver gave brother's name to the gardaí

Nenagh Court was told that an uninsured Tipperary drink driver gave brother's name to the gardaíourt was told that a man was drunk on Nenagh's streets six times over a short period of time

An uninsured driver who was arrested for drink driving gave his brother’s name to the gardaí, Nenagh Court was told.

Rodger Dunne of Killowney Little, Ballymackey, Nenagh, pleaded to no insurance, drink driving and giving a false name to the gardaí at Nenagh North on July 20, 2019.

Mr Dunne had 54mg of alcohol per 100ml of urine.

The court was told that the certificate for drink driving had been served on Mr Dunne’s brother.

The gardaí only found out Mr Dunne had given a false name when his brother came to the Garda station.

Mr Dunne later gave a statement to the gardaí saying he was disqualified from driving and that was why he gave his brother’s name.

Mr Dunne’s solicitor, Pat Liston, told the court that his client was 59 years old and separated.

“He had been working that day and was not feeling well and went to town. He was stopped by the gardaí and panicked,” he said. “He foolishly gave his brother’s name.”

Asked by Judge Elizabeth MacGrath what the relationship was like between Mr Dunne and his brother, Mr Liston said: “They are trying to keep him on the straight and narrow.”

Judge MacGrath sentenced Mr Dunne to three months in prison for driving without insurance, but suspended it for two years on Mr Dunne’s bond of €250. She disqualified him from driving for four years.

Judge MacGrath disqualified Mr Dunne from driving for one year for drink driving and fined him €200.