Tipperary judge jails man and warns him he is going to 'kill himself with drink'

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tipperary star reporter



Tipperary judge jails man and warns him he is going to 'kill himself with drink'

Judge Elizabeth MacGrath:

A man who pleaded to over 20 charges under the Public Order Act was jailed by Nenagh Court for a total of eight months.

Remigigus Biciuzas, Mounsey's Flats, Dromin Road, Nenagh, had pleaded to a number of the offences at an earlier court.

Last Friday, he pleaded to being intoxicated and verbally abusive on August 5 at Kenyon Street, Nenagh; intoxicated and failure to obey a garda at Banba Square, Nenagh, on August 6, 2020; being intoxicated, abusive and failing to obey a garda at Brookeville Green, Nenagh, on August 16, 2020; intoxicated at Banba Square, Nenagh, on August 31, 2020; intoxicated at Kickham Street, Nenagh, on August 27, 2020; intoxicated at Brookeville Green, Nenagh, on September 6, 2020.

The court heard that most of the incidences involved Mr Biciuzas shouting and verbally abusing people and being intoxicated.

In one incident he was annoying people at a bus stop. In another he was found with cuts to his face and was falling on the ground and in a third he was looking in windows in Brookeville Green.

The court heard he had a total of 118 previous convictions, all of a similar nature.

His solicitor, Johnny Spencer, said Mr Biciuzas was 47 years old and had no family in Ireland or back home.

He came to Ireland in 2006 and worked with a horse trainer. However, he suffered an injury and began drinking.

“He used do some swimming and the rest of the time he consumed alcohol,” said Mr Spencer.

Mr Spencer said his client had previously undergone residential treatment and carried out community service.

“I think I have pointed out on a number of occasions that because of his level of alcohol use that he was going to kill himself,” said Judge Elizabeth MacGrath.

Judge MacGrath said that she had encouraged Mr Biciuzas to take action and to take English language lessons.

“I do have sympathy for him and he was very good at his job until injury waylaid him,” she said.

However, Judge MacGrath said that the gardaí were under pressure due to Covid-19 and he was a “drain on those resources and putting himself at risk”.

She jailed Mr Biciuzas for a total of seven months.

Recognizance were fixed in his own bond of €500, with an independent surety of €500, €200 of which was to be in cash and lodged in court.

“Please use your time to get over your alcohol issues. It is killing you,” she said.