Tipperary TD calls for urgent information campaign on looming Brexit

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Tipperary TD calls for urgent information campaign on looming Brexit

Deputy Michael Lowry: call for urgent information campaign on Brexit

Tipperary TD Michael Lowry has called for an urgent information campaign to ensure that people understand the impact that Brexit will have on their everyday lives.

Addressing the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Simon Coveney, in the Dáil, Deputy Lowry said that while there is detailed information available for businesses, companies, the agri-sector and major sectors, information is less readily available for the average person.

“Workers, homemakers, students, care-givers and those living week to week or month to month are largely unprepared for the changes that Brexit will bring to their everyday lives. Some believe it will not impact them at all,” he said.

The reality was, he stated, that no matter what the final Brexit picture looked like, the decision by Britain to leave the EU will affect all of us to some degree.

He said that there appeared to be an apathy among people when it came to Brexit. It seemed as though many have grown tired or frustrated with it. Britain’s imminent departure from Europe was all consuming in the early stages of 2019, but now it has slipped well down the list of priorities for many people.

“For the average household in Ireland, the impact will be felt in their every day spending. This comes at a time when the pandemic fallout has already hit many incomes through reduced working hours or, indeed, through job losses. But many households are not aware of where the Brexit related costs increases will occur,” he said.