Tipperary Volunteer Centre launch ‘Stay Connected Letter Writing’ campaign






Tipperary Volunteer Centre launch ‘Stay Connected Letter Writing’ campaign

Tipperary Volunteer Centre are seeking volunteer letter writers to help our most vulnerable stay connected in their communities.  Staff in nursing and care homes throughout Tipperary are teaming up with the volunteer centre to be part of this letter writing campaign.

The letters written by people like you will go to the nursing or care homes where staff will distribute them to residents or service users who they feel would benefit from receiving them. With increased restrictions in nursing and care homes across the country, it is important that they stay connected through these challenging times.

The campaign aims to benefit the residents and service users and continue to lift their spirits. The letters will also give the staff a new topic of interest to chat to the residents about.

You do not have to be an expert wordsmith to volunteer to write a letter, you could include something as simple as kind words and updates about your own life. You could get creative and share a picture, poem or prayer. You could also share local stories of interest or some old stories about the local area or newspaper clippings. You can really use your imagination with this.

Children are welcome to get involved, they could send a letter, poem or a drawing which they would like to share. It could be a nice family activity to do in the run up to Christmas.

Manager of Tipperary Volunteer Centre, Derek Fanning said: ‘We were thrilled with the positive response we got from the nursing and care homes when we approached them about this campaign. These services play a vital role in our communities not to mention the physical and mental wellbeing their service users get from being involved with them.’

‘In normal circumstances, they would be welcoming visitors, volunteers as well as special guests who would provide some entertainment for the services users to enjoy. However, under the current climate visitors are restricted to a minimum and human contact has been greatly reduced. Many of the staff in the services feel that receiving a letter would help give their residents a lift, particularly in the Christmas season. They feel it would be a good talking point, to have something new and fresh to chat to the residents about and create a bit of a ‘buzz’ around the place’.

‘Who doesn't love getting something in the post? Derek added, receiving something lets us know we're being thought of, creates a sense of connection and brings a smile. If you are not sure what to write in the letters, don’t’ worry, our staff will contact you with tips on how to get started once you register with us.’

‘We believe small acts of kindness are important and by sending a letter you’ll be helping those who need it most to stay connected and help battle the social isolation that many of them feel now that the regular services they use are no longer fully operational. We hope this meaningful role will provide you or those of you with children with a nice activity to do while benefiting your community from the comfort of your home’ said Derek.

An Post has recently launched a free service where you can send letters, large envelopes, packets and parcels up to 2Kg marked FREEPOST to residents in Nursing and Care homes.

You can find out which Nursing Homes/Day Care Centres in Tipperary who are involved by logging onto https://tipperaryvolunteercentre.ie/stay-connected-letter-writing/.

You can also register your interest for this role online and Tipperary Volunteer Centre staff will be in touch with everything you need to get started. You can also call Sara on 086 0481743 or Tina on 086 0418019 for more information.