Kickham Barracks development is key to seven year regeneration plan for Clonmel

Eamon Lacey


Eamon Lacey


Kickham Barracks Clonmel

The green light has been given for work to begin immediately on the car park at the former Kickham army barracks in Clonmel, with the construction of the civic plaza to get underway during the summer

The development of the Kickham Baracks site will be the catalyst for the regeneration of the town in the next decade.
Work on the civic plaza at Kickham Barracks is due to start in the first quarter of 2021 and the new garda station is at an advanced stage of the planning process.
Over half the funding under the URDF scheme over the next seven years will be set aside for the Kickham Barracks site.
It is now understood that the long-awaited transfer of the LIT campus on the by-pass to Kickham Barracks is ready to take place.
That transfer will free up the by-pass site for the development of the regional sports hub and will kick start the process of providing a Third Level campus in Clonmel town centre.
Provision of the LIT campus at Kickham Barracks has an estimated cost of €21.8m which is made up of €16.2m in URDF funding and €5.5m in matched funding.
The Tipperary Education and Training Board campus at the site has an estimated cost of €19.7m made up of €14.7m in URDF funding and €5m in matched funding.
The Military Museum project has an estimated cost of €1.4m made up of €1m URDF funding and €364,000 in matched funding.
That element also provides for a project concerning the Kickham Chapel and an arts and cultural venue.
The combined projects are designed to transform the former military barracks site to a civic, cultural and educational shared campus quarter.
The regenerated Kickham Barracks will have in excess of 1,000 people on the site which will enliven the site, introduce Third Level and further education into the town centre and offer new opportunities for business.
The historic site and its associated built heritage will be conserved and will be integrated into the public realm and made accessible.
The historically enclosed site will be opened to access and will integrate physically and visually with Clonmel’s town centre.