Newport and Kilcommon to remember young men killed in 1920

Sean Hogan


Sean Hogan


Newport and Kilcommon to remember young men killed in 1920

Lt. Joseph S Meyer, on the right of the above photo, of ‘G’ Company Auxiliary Division RIC, photographed outside their base in the Lakeside Hotel in Ballina in 1921

‘Tipperary in the Decade of Revolution’ Group, together with Newport Historical Society, have arranged two events for Newport at 12 noon and Kilcommon at 2pm on Saturday 19 December 2020 to remember two deadly encounters which occurred one hundred years ago this week.

Centenary Booklets will be available at each event, setting out the story of the IRA ambush at Kilcommon on Thursday, December 16 1920 and the shooting dead of two local youths at Newport on Sunday 19 December 1920.

The first event will start at the Creamery in Newport at 12 on Saturday and will involve a walk to the site where Patrick Connors of Fiddane and Michael Walton of Rossaguile, two 19 year old youths on their way home from Mass, were shot dead by Auxiliary Police.

The background to the tragic events of that day will be discussed and the heart-breaking letter written by Patrick Connors father, telling another son who was serving with the British Army in Egypt of the killing of his elder brother, will be read.

The second event will take place that same afternoon, assembling in Kilcommon Village at 2pm. A walk will take place to the site of the IRA ambush on December 16, 1920 in which four RIC men, Constables Halford, Harden, Smith and Palmer were killed. The IRA ‘Flying Column’ operation was led by Ned O’Leary of Beechwood, near Nenagh, with some 20 IRA Volunteers from all over North Tipp involved, together with six local men who acted as scouts and guides.

Both events will take approximately an hour and fifteen minutes each. They are free of charge and open to everyone, young and old, who wishes to learn more about local history in Newport and Kilcommon. Everyone attending is requested to wear a face mask and to observe social distancing guidelines as recommended for Covid-19 prevention.

“Tipperary in the Decade of Revolution” is a non-political and non-partisan group of local historians. Their aim is to bring history back to the locations where it was made – to remember the people and events of 100 years ago.

They want to remember the generation involved appropriately and with the respect they deserve for what they have given us.
Their motto is “Remembering and Sharing our Tipperary History”.

With Newport Historical Society, TIDR look forward to welcoming you to one or both of the events on Saturday 19 Dec at 12 in Newport and 2pm in Kilcommon.