Tipperary set to roll up its sleeves as vaccination to start on January 11

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Tipperary set to roll up its sleeves as vaccination to start on January 11

Tipperary set to roll up its sleeves as vaccination to start on January 11

The rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine in Tipperary has been wlcomed by local TDs Michael Lowry and Labour Party leader Alan Kelly.

Both have said that they will take the vaccine when it is offered to them.

The Hospital of the Assumption in Thurles and St Teresa’s Nursing Home in Cashel will be the first elderly care units in Tipperary to be vaccinated under the rollout of the national Covid-19 vaccination programme next month

St Kieran’s Nursing Home, Sonas Nursing Home, Melview, and Sonas, Carrick-on-Suir, will be the last on the list, with vaccinations scheduled to be carried out there on January 29.

The dates are subject to change.

Once the first jab is administered, then residents and staff who have opted to take the vaccination can expect the second dose three weeks later.

A spokesperson for HSE Mid West Community Healthcare said: "Community Hospital of the Assumption are delighted to be one of the community nursing units vaccinated in the first roll out of nursing home vaccinations. Vaccinations will be offered to all staff and residents. A Midwest Community wide response is being planned to support the vaccination roll out."

However, Deputy Lowry is calling for the residents of sheltered accommodation for the elderly to be included with the Nursing Homes in the initial rollout and plans to raise this with Minister Donnelly.

“I am, however, disappointed to learn that elderly people living independently in sheltered accommodation such as Sue Ryder in Holycross and Nenagh and Mount Carmel in Roscrea will not be included in the this initial rollout,” he said.

“Despite that fact that the residents at Sue Ryder live in self-contained units, they share communal recreational areas and, as such, they should be included in the initial vaccination programme. In Mount Carmel in Roscrea, the residents live independently on the grounds of the nursing home, but share communal entrances, elevators and corridors to their apartments. It makes sense that these elderly people should be vaccinated,” said Deputy Lowry.

Deputy Kelly said that he was “delighted” to see the rollout of the vaccine in Tipperary.

“I want to ensure that all nursing home residents in the county get their vaccinations in the month of January,” he said.

With regard to taking the vaccine, Deputy Lowry said: “This Covid vaccine marks the first step we will take towards putting this pandemic behind us. It gives us the first glimpse of reclaiming our lives from under the shadow of Covid-19. As soon as the category that I fall into is offered the vaccine I will be more than happy to take it and I encourage others to do the same.”

He said that there were many strict protections in place to help ensure that Covid-19 vaccine will be safe. Like all vaccines, Covid-19 vaccines had been put through a rigorous, multi-stage testing process, including large trials that involve tens of thousands of people.

Deputy Kelly, who said that “of course” he would being getting the vaccine, hit out at fellow Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath, who has said he has issues around the vaccine, saying: “It is critical now that all TDs support the full rollout of the vaccine and all the disgraceful scaremongering from TDs like Mattie McGrath stops so that lives are not put at risk.”

Earlier this month, Deputy McGrath said that he would not be availing of the vaccine until he was convinced of its safety.

The following is the timeline for vaccinations:

January 11: Hospital of the Assumption, Thurles

January 13: Ardeen Nursing Home

January 14: Ashlawn House Nursing

January 15: Bushy Park Nursing Home

January 18: Millbrae Lodge Nursing Home

January 19: Nenagh Manor Nursing Home

January 20: St. Theresa’s Nursing Home, Thurles

January 21: Villa Marie Nursing Home

January 22: Dean Maxwell Community Nursing Unit

January 25: St Conlon’s Community Nursing Unit

January 26: Waterman’s Lodge

January 26: Mount Carmel Nursing Home

January 27: Rivervale Nursing Home

January 28: Patterson’s Nursing Home

January 29: St Kieran’s Nursing Home

January 26: Acorn Lodge Nursing Home, Cashel

January 27: Bramleigh Lodge Nursing Home

January 28: Deerpark Nursing Home

January 29: Sonas Nursing Home, Melview

January 11: St. Teresa’s Nursing Home, Cashel

January 12: Willowbrook Lodge Nursing Home

January 13: Sacre Coeur Nursing Home, Tipperary

January 14: Padre Pio Nursing Home Tipperary

January 15: Rathkeevan Nursing Home

January 18: Woodland’s Nursing Home Dundrum, Tipperary

January 19: St Patrick’s Hospital, Cashel

January 19: Cluain Arann Welfare Home & Community Nursing Unit

January 20: Greenhill’s Nursing Home

January 21: The Cottage Nursing Home

January 22: St Martha’s Nursing Home Tipperary

January 25: Cashel Residential Older Persons Services

January 28: St Anthony’s Nursing Unit

January 29: Sonas, Carrick-on-Suir