Tipperary TD welcomes early Covid-19 vaccine rollout

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tipperary star reporter



Tipperary TD welcomes early Covid-19 vaccine rollout

Tipperary vaccinations: 'The rollout of the vaccination programme is a reason for optimism,' according to Deputy Martin Browne

Tipperary TD Martin Browne said that it was a hugely welcome development that St Teresa’s Nursing Home in Cashel and the Hospital of the Assumption in Thurles were due to begin the vaccination process this Thursday.

He said that this will come as some relief to people in nursing homes and their families who have been suffering from the effects of loneliness and isolation that the fight against the virus has resulted in.

"The rollout of the vaccination programme is a reason for optimism, but details of the programme need to be continuously communicated to the public," saisd Deputy Browne.

However, the Sinn Féin TD said that Opposition parties needed to be regularly and fully briefed on the plans for the rollout of the programme, the targets being set, and whether those targets were ambitious enough and were being met.

"We also need clarity on contingency measures should the faster spread of the virus pose difficulties for the rollout of the vaccine in certain settings, while the impact that the rising number of hospitalisations will have on non-Covid procedures must also be made clear," he said. "Any redeployment of healthcare staff must also be clearly communicated with the public."

Deputy Browne said that full transparency will be needed about whatever guidance the National Immunisation Advisory Committee gave regarding the suggestions of extending the time between the administration of the two required doses of the vaccine.

"We are in an incredibly challenging time in the battle against the spread of Covid-19, and with the recent surge in numbers it is imperative that the programme is rolled out speedily, and that the administration of the vaccine is not confined to office hours," he said.

He said that for public clarity, he will remain in contact with the HSE and the Department of Health on the rollout of the vaccine in County  Tipperary.

"County Tipperary has worked hard and its people have given up and lost so much to stem the spread of the virus, we now need full transparency on the measures to contain the virus, and the plans and achievements regarding the rollout of the vaccine and testing systems," said Deputy Browne.