Tipperary TD welcomes rollout of Covid-19 vaccine in Thurles

tipperary star reporter


tipperary star reporter



Tipperary TD welcomes rollout of Covid-19 vaccine in Thurles

Fist vaccinations: the staff and residents in the Hospital of the Assumption in Thurles are due to receive their Covid-19 jabs this Thursday

Tipperary TD Jackie Cahill has welcomed the rollout out this Thursday of the Covid-19 vaccination in the Hospital of the Assumption in Thurles.

Some 140 staff and 50 residents are due to be vaccinated today.

“I welcome the news that the residents of Tipperary’s nursing homes will start getting the Covid-19 vaccine," he said.  “This is good news for those most at risk of Covid-19 in Tipperary and I very much welcome the commencement of the rollout of the vaccine.”

Deputy Cahill said that Covid rates at the moment were frightening but there was proof that there was light at the end of the tunnel.

"I have spoken to a number of nursing home operators in recent days who have explained to me some of the obstacles they are facing in order to ensure that all residents have given consent to be vaccinated and I am working with them to ensure that bureaucracy does not get in the way of the rollout, particular in situations where the residents in question have Alzheimer’s or dementia and a next of kin must instead give consent for the vaccine," he said.

“I trust our health experts. I trust our health officials. I trust our frontline workers. I believe in science and I know the vaccine is safe and will save thousands of lives. I will be taking the vaccine and I encourage all others to take it also. I believe those spreading fear and misinformation about vaccines need to be challenged and they need to consider the unnecessary comments they are making in order to gain media attention," said the Thurles-based Fianna Fáil TD.