2020: The year Tipperary showed its true community spirit

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2020: The year Tipperary showed its true community spirit

Deputy Martin Browne: Tipperary showed its true community spirit in 2020

The past year had been one when the people of County Tipperary proved their community spirit more than ever, according to Tipperary TD Martin Browne.

“When faced with the Covid crisis, our carers and our nurses, our doctors and all of our frontline healthcare workers, as well as our educators and childcare workers were selfless in their commitment to our welfare,” he said. “Yet our nurses, including student nurses were let down by the Government last year.”

The Sinn Féin TD said that his party will continue to campaign for better conditions and pay for the nurses.

“We will also continue to stand up for our teachers and childcare workers whose immense contribution must be properly recognised, and their safety ensured beyond any doubt,” said the Cashel TD.

Deputy Browne said that all of our service providers and retailers had been selfless in their commitment to our welfare and must be recognised for this .

“Their efforts have been inspirational and show us how, in the face of this virus, human compassion wins out every time,” he said.

It was also comforting to know that as was the case last year, our communities will continue to surround each of us in support throughout 2021, a year in which the vaccine was, thankfully, being rolled out, said Deputy Browne.

However, he warned that Sinn Féin will continue to demand that the Government was clear about the rollout of the vaccine as well as the testing and tracing process.

“In the meantime, as cases rise, we must all do our utmost to protect each other – physically and emotionally,” he said.

Turning to Brexit, the other great challenge facing the country, Deputy Browne said that throughout 2020 he had called on the Government to remember the impact that Brexit will have on rural communities and business.

“All of the sectors affected will continue to need support and clear, up-to-date information as the effects of Brexit are felt over time,” he said.

And calling for people to shop local, he said that all of us had an important part to play by increasing our support of local businesses, to help them through changes brought on by Brexit.

“This is a year that will present further challenges; but I am confident that as in 2020, our community spirit will bind us together and make us even more proud to be from County Tipperary,” said Deputy Browne.