Tipperary playing its part - Great plans for Cahir in the year ahead


Tipperary playing its part - Great plans for Cahir in the year ahead

Newly revamped Swiss Walk popular during lockdown- visitors on the popular Swiss walk in Cahir are reminded to practice social distancing .

The Swiss Walk has been busy over the holiday period and there have been many phases here over the past few years. The newly tarred stretch is very accessible now for wheelchairs and prams and those that are bad on the feet.

A lot of people have played their part in this project and without substantial funding from Tipperary County Council and Tipperary Development Company along with public donations it could not have happened. Great credit must also go to past and present members of Tidy Towns over the past 50 years for giving the time to improve the town.

Over the next 12 months we would hope to enhance this walk and other projects in town that we are working on. St Paul’s Hill is proving difficult to sort but we will get there yet. The Inch has received funding for the 2021 when the weather picks up and an application is in to finish the Swiss walk to the end. We remind everyone that social distancing must be practiced on the walk as it can be busy with families out exercising. 

We remind all that you can recycle your Christmas trees at the local County Council Depot in the Tipperary Road Business Park. No entry to the yard is allowed, so please just leave trees outside gate. The trees will be mulched and put to good use around town during the year. Thanks to everyone for their cooperation and this service will be available until end of this week.

Also please remember when you are clearing out after the Christmas that we want your drinks cans. We will be having a collection once again on the Saturday February 6, 2021 and times are from 10.30am to 11am. Instead of using the can bank we can use them to make a few euro for towns projects in 2021. This is a vital source of income this year due to covid restrictions on Raffles, church gate and table quiz. We will collect on every first Saturday of the month for 2021 in the car park and its drinks cans only please and these must be clean and free from any waste or they will not be accepted.