Tipperary farm leader asks what planet is RTE on following food programme

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Tipperary farm leader asks what planet is RTE on following food programme

The North Tipperary chair of IFA, Imelda Walsh, has taken a swipe at RTE over a programme it aired last September dealing with the environment, sustainability and climate change.

The programme, What Planet Are You On? featured four families looking at, among other things, ways to change their diet and recycle more.

However, Ms Walsh took aim at the national broadcaster at North Tipperary IFA's virtual agm last week asking: “What planet is our national broadcaster on?”

She said that a programme that allowed a one-sided debate had to be questioned as to their agenda.

“The castigating of nutritious meat and dairy products was shocking with so many of our young, impressionable family members tuned in, and to do so in the name of saving the planet,” said Ms Walsh.

The IFA chair said that it appeared to be perfectly acceptable to fly in avocados from California which had used irrigated water but to have a well balanced diet designed by the WHO frowned upon.

“Our vegan friends continue with their propaganda of false and misleading information. To see animals being described as children is an insult to humankind,” declared Ms Walsh.

She pointed out that, as farmers, they looked after their animals sometimes better than they looked after ourselves and they ensured those animals were slaughtered in a humane way.

“The meat produced from our animals is highly nutritious and is necessary as part of a balanced diet,” she said.