Disappointment as Cashel Town Park fails to garner funding support

Today's undesirable announcement is 'devastating news for Cashel and the wider community' - Burgess

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher



Disappointment as Cashel Town Park fails to garner funding support

Pictured is the field near the Rock of Cashel where a Town Park had been proposed

Councillor Declan Burgess has sharply reacted to the decision not to grant funding to Cashel's Town Park Development under the Government's Rural Regeneration Development Fund (RRDF).

"Today's undesirable announcement is devastating news for Cashel and the wider community.

Cashel based Councillor Burgess previously proposed the project's part 8 planning and is a key driving force behind this development. Cashel Town Park project is set in the green fields connecting the Rock to the Town Centre, incorporating the beautiful and historic Bishop's Walk trail.

"This project is a game changer for public space in our community. This immersive outdoor recreation area will act as a bridge between our town centre and the famous Rock of Cashel. The potential here is enormous," said Fine Gael's Burgess.

"I am deeply disappointed that this wasn't supported by the department of rural & community development. This project could mark a bright future for cultural, social and economic success for Cashel and this region".

"Our national representatives have to play a bigger part here. This project is shovel ready and we have been left down".

"I want to thank everyone in the local authority for their hard work to date. The planners involved, as well as our Municipal District team put together one of the strongest funding applications ever made and it's mind-blowing that this transformative project didn't get support"

"From securing the lands from the owners of the Cashel Palace, an extension consultation and planning process, and with work now started on the Bothar na Marbh part of this development it is completely discouraging that we haven't been supported at this crucial stage for this project".

"At a local level I will continue to do everything I can to keep this project a top priority for Tipperary County Council and ensure we make an application at the next earliest opportunity. This development is too important to be left through the cracks and I have requested a breakdown of our applications grading for review" concluded Cllr Burgess.