Gardaí called to home where Tipperary man had pitch fork and billhook in his hands

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tipperary star reporter


Gardaí called to home where Tipperary man had pitch fork and billhook in his hands

Nenagh Court: The gardaí were called to an incident where they found a man with a pitch fork and a billhook in his hands

Garda back-up had to be called to an incident in which a man was wielding a pitch fork and a billhook, Nenagh Court was told.

Terence Donoghue of 1 New Houses, Chapel Lane, Roscrea, pleaded to threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour and to possession of knives or other articles on December 23, 2019.

The court heard that the gardaí were called to a domestic incident on December 23, 2019, where they observed Mr Donoghue with a billhook and pitch fork.

He was also intoxicated.

The court was told Mr Donoghue failed to calm down and began threatening the gardaí.

Garda reinforcements were called and an armed unit arrived from Nenagh.

However, after a while, Mr Donoghue went back into his house and the armed unit was stood down.

The court was told that Mr Donoghue had seven previous convictions, including for possession of an article

His solicitor, Liz McKeever, said that there had been “extenuating circumstances” as the family had suffered two tragedies with the deaths of two sons and the incident happened around the anniversary of one of the deaths.

She said Mr Donoghue’s wife had told her that her husband’s behaviour had been “out of character”.

Ms McKeever said that Mr Donoghue had abstained from alcohol since the incident.

“He was under a lot of pressure at the time,” she said.

Mr Donoghue’s wife was “very supportive” of him,” she said.

However, Judge Elizabeth MacGrath said that Mr Donoghue’s previous convictions didn’t suggest the behaviour was “out of character”.

“The gardaí had to call in reinforcements and it would appear they were threatened as well,” she said.

She noted Mr Donoghue’s wife was supportive of him but said she had been subjected to fear.

She fined Mr Donoghue €250 for possession of knives or other articles, and fined him €150 for threatening, insulting or abusive behaviour.

She set recognizance in Mr Donoghue’s own bond of €250.