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“Ursuline Juniors Progress”

“Ursuline Juniors Progress”

Munster Senior ‘B’ League

Villiers School, Limerick: 0

Ursuline Convent, Thurles: 3

Ursulines were just into their stride forcing short corners in the first quarter thanks to the wonderful play and dominance of midfielders Fiona McEnery, Aoife McGrath and Marita Moloney. Their work rate eventually reaped dividends when Edel Cummins danced her way through which gave her team a one nil lead at the break.

A good run by Aoife after the restart was snuffed out at the business end of things but it was just the prelude to Ursulines’ second when Marita carved the opening for Georgina Crowe. Ten minutes later from a short corner movement, Aoife increased Ursulines’ advantage to three after a bout of play involving Fiona and Marita.

Ursulines: Megan Perdue (Keeper), Sarah Larkin, Alison Dowley, Maire O’Neill, Alice Hodgins (Capt.), Marita Moloney, Aoife McGrath, Fiona McEnery, Alison Breen Slattery, Ann Molony, Georgina Crowe, Amy Long, Edel Cummins, Eimear Norton, Anna Crotty, Jenny Kelly.

Munster Junior ‘B’ Cup Semi-final

Villiers School, Limerick: 1

Ursuline Convent, Thurles: 5

Ursulines shot into the lead in the 5th minute, Alice McDonnell and Elizabeth Coman doing all the spade work for Shauna Hayden. A neat pass, some ten minutes later from Alison Dowley gave Shauna her second. Despite intense Ursuline pressure for the remainder of the half, Villiers were unyielding.

Ten minutes of pressure by Villiers after the restart gave Ursuline defenders Anna Crotty, Darielle Ronan and Anna Kinane plenty of opportunities to flex their muscles. They weren’t found wanting either as the home side failed to raise a flag. Then three goals in an eight minute period by Anna Niamh Kennedy and Alison ended Villiers’ hopes, though they did get in for one near the end courtesy of Amy Williams.

Ursulines: Megan Perdue (Keeper), Anna Crotty, Darielle Ronan, Anna Kinane, Alice McDonnell, Susie Williams, Alison Dowley, Elizabeth Coman, Niamh Kennedy, Shauna Hayden, Clare Flanagan, Aoife Barry, Aine Phelan, Eva Moroney, Sinead Crone.

Munster 2nd Year ‘A’ League

Villiers School, Limerick: 0

Ursuline Convent, Thurles: 4

Another classy performance by this Sandra Rossitter coached side. Three goals to the good in the first quarter tells the story. Aoife Kennedy fired in her brace in the 6th and 9th minutes. Martha Kirwan notched the third goal in the 15th minute placed to perfection at the left post to convert the lead up play of Aoife and Kate Crotty. Midway through the second half Kate finished off a short corner movement with her usual strike.

Ursulines: Sylvia O’Donnell (Keeper), Rachel Hodgins, Louise Barlow, Maria Kinane, Niamh Hayes, Kate Crotty, Lorna O’Dwyer, Martha Kirwan, Fiona Shortt, Aoife Kennedy, Julie Murphy, Patricia Hayes, Becky Danagher, Carol Casey, Alison Bourke.

Munster 2nd Year ‘B’ League

Villiers School, Limerick: 0

Ursuline Convent, Thurles: 4

In like a flash, before the first minute had ticked over Eabha O’Gorman gave Ursulines a dream start. The after shock was that it was the only score of the first half. But Ursulines made up for it on the turn with three goals, Eabha getting her brace after five minutes. Two minutes on, Laura Booth increased their advantage finishing off the solid work of Eabha and Sylvia O’Donnell. Five minutes from time, Aine O’Brien having a dream debut set up Isolin Monaghan with a beautiful cross for a 4-0 victory.

Ursulines: Susie Williams (Keeper), Chloe McNamara, Lucy O’Quigley, Sinead O’Quigley, Carol Casey, Sylvia O’Donnell, Emer Teehan, Laura Booth, Isolin Monaghan, Eabha O’Gorman, Aine O’Brien.

Munster First Year League

Villiers School, Limerick: 0

Ursuline Convent Blues: 1

Some very good play in this close encounter at the Villier School grounds. But goals were, in fact just the one. It came in the second half when Gemma Dunican converted a short corner three minutes after the restart. Good defensive play by Elaine Hayes and Rachelle Bowden helped to stem attacks. Aoife Delargy held sway in midfield, while up front Caitlin Kelly and wingers Chelsea O’Driscoll and Meadhbh Lewis found that the Villiers rearguard was a tough nut to crack.

Ursulines: Kirsty Witherow (Keeper), Gemma Dunican, Elaine Hayes, Kathy Diggins, Rachelle Bowden, Chloe Barry, Aoife Delargy, Sarah Madden, Chelsea O’Driscoll, Caitlin Kelly, Meadhbh Lewis, Ciara Quinlan, Romy Ronan, Ciara McCabe.