Reopening of Roscrea swimming pool postponed





Reopening of Roscrea swimming pool postponed

The reopening of Roscrea Swimming Pool has been postponed until there is greater certainty in relation to the proposed stimulus package for businesses to be launched by the Government in the coming weeks, it has been announced.

In a statement issued this week, the operators of the centre said the Covid 19 pandemic necessitated the closure of the Roscrea Swimming Pool, and in planning the reopening the Board and management of the centre is assessing the issues arising as a result of the restrictions in place with regard to containing the spread of the virus.

“This is a difficult issue for all leisure centres and one which the board treats with the utmost consideration for members of the public and the staff of the pool.

“A significant issue for the reopening of the pool is the likely deficit in funding required to run the centre. Restrictions currently in place would not allow the pool to run at full capacity and this will have serious implications on the possible income that can be achieved for the remainder of this year.

“In light of this it has been decided to postpone the opening of the pool until there is greater certainty in relation to the proposed stimulus package for businesses to be launched by the government in the coming weeks. A proposed reopening date of September 1 is being considered, assuming that the stimulus package will address the financial deficit that the centre, and other centres, are likely to face.

The operators say a number of proposals are also under consideration to encourage new and existing members to support the centre at this difficult time, “for example many 3rd level students who may now be attending their campus for part of the term may be able to avail of the centre and we hope to have an offer to attract such students. Further special offers are also under consideration and the board would ask for the support of the public in the uptake of these offers when details are announced.

“Ireland Active, a representative group of the leisure, health and fitness industry have stated that there are potentially 12,000 jobs in the fitness and leisure industry at risk as a result of the ongoing Covid restrictions. They have lobbied government in relation to the proposed stimulus package, and further details of their suggestions can be viewed on their website at

“We are all in this together, so please lobby your local and national representatives to do everything in their powers to keep vital amenities like the Roscrea Swimming Pool and Leisure centre open and available to the current and future users of this fantastic facility.

The Board would like to thank our customers, members, management and staff for their continued support and co-operation”, the statement adds.