Cllr. Lee welcomes long awaited dog foul bins for Roscrea





Dog bins

Independent Cllr. Shane Lee is pleased to announce that two dog litter bins will be installed on the main walking route along the N62.

"This is a matter I have been working on for years for the benefit of the people of Roscrea. When I was elected to Tipperary County Council I was determined to get this problem under control, particularly this popular place where people go to enjoy a walk in the outdoors", says the Independent Councillor.

Cllr. Lee made Council officials aware that these bins were installed in other towns and villages and that they should also be strategically placed in Roscrea.

"I want to thank our District Engineer/ Environment section for working with me to deliver these bins for Roscrea," he says.

Two dispensary points will be located beside bins on the N62. Cllr. Lee encourages people walking their dogs to avail of these bins to dispose of dog waste.

"It's important we all play our part to keep Roscrea clean and tidy," he concludes.