My Student Diary: Tipperary student Michaela Grace – Ginty on Covid-19

Michaela Grace – Ginty


Michaela Grace – Ginty


My Student Diary: Tipperary student Michaela Grace – Ginty on Covid-19

Michaela Grace – Ginty

I know we are all absolutely sick of this coronavirus; is there anything else on the news?

Long gone are the tranquil amicable days of Brexit or something as mundane as a game changing General Election. We are dealing with another tier of news and extremity.

I am a 17-year-old girl. My worries should be going out, exams and boys. Instead they have gone out the window for social distancing, self-isolation, and excessive handwashing. We are living in a dystopian present, never seen before.

And yet I still have school and books and assignments - it is crazy to think something as trivial or pedestrian as school is still happening. There's a global pandemic going on, but I'm still doing coordinate geometry of the line or the odd sraith phictiur, and then it's completely relevant when my economics homework is so pertinent it could be on a segment on the six o'clock news.

And I miss my friends, in ways I didn't think I could. Of course, we text and call on video chat but it's not the same. Our lives are just so repetitive and boring now. Wake up, clean, study, walk, clean, study, eat, bed. And repeat. Every single day. Why is the highlight of my week going to Lidl?

Of course, this new lifestyle isn't as different as some of our own normal school holidays. Introverted people, this is their forte. It is all about choice though. If I were to choose to stay inside instead of meeting my friends, it would be fine but because that possibility is no longer an option it's all I want to do.

And sometimes, it all becomes too much and too constant that I forget. My mind blocks it out, and then boom back again. Corona, corona, corona, even my dreams are not exempt. What I wouldn't do to go to mass at Easter, for completely selfish reasons. To see real people, acting ‘normal’.

And the thing is we cannot get too obsessed with Covid-19. We will go insane. Well, to look at the tiny miniscule nano-scientific bright side; my dog has never been so happy, with five walks a day.

And maybe society will change, become less materialistic and maybe our health service will never be understaffed again, or our nurses never on strike for better working conditions (I have a personal stake; both my parents are nurses) but that is all in the future. Right now, we must stay clean, stay aware, stay safe and stay inside.

OK universe: let me just clarify one thing, when I said, “I wonder if I will ever live through a historical event?” this is not what I meant!