Tipperary students are sharing daily goals to keep in touch during Covid-19 lockdown

Loreto Secondary School Clonmel: Keeping connected with one another during lockdown

Ciara Tyrell


Ciara Tyrell


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In Loreto Clonmel, terms such as ‘lockdown’ and ‘social distancing’ are not something we are very familiar with.
Our school usually has a full social and academic calendar including sport, debating, Model United Nations, Junk Kouture, Enterprise and much, much more.
We all realise, but maybe take for granted at times, that Loreto is more than just a school building, it is a community, and like communities all over the country and the globe we have tapped into that spirit to keep the communication channels open.
Staff in Loreto Clonmel put on their thinking caps and devised a programme which members of the Loreto community (staff and students) could follow and engage with online to keep in touch. We decided that while we cannot physically be with one another at this time, this wasn’t going to stop us sending our love, well wishes and thoughts to those in our community – just virtually instead!
We set our community Daily Goals for the Easter holiday period. All that was required was a short video clip or picture to record their involvement in the Daily Goal which could be shared with the school community. All pictures and videos were then curated by a group of TY students and posted to our social media pages for us all to enjoy each day.
If you fancy checking out exactly what we were up to just search our social media sites as follows: Instagram – loretoclonmel; Twitter - Loreto Clonmel; or Facebook - Loreto Secondary School Clonmel, Ireland.
The activities started Easter Saturday with our Easter well wishes from staff, students, parents and lots of our beautiful dogs!
Easter Sunday, we decided to share our Easter eggs and pictured ourselves enjoying all of the chocolate!
Easter Monday, was Loreto Clonmel Bake Off day - we asked students to release their inner chef, express their creativity and bake something nice. It seems we may now have lots of aspiring chefs and bakers on our hands!
Tuesday, our mission was to connect with someone we missed via text message or video call.
Wednesday, we made it our aim to carry out a kind gesture for someone in our community who would appreciate it. A small gesture such as making our family lunch to take pressure off our parents or grocery shopping for our elderly neighbours, it made us happy knowing we were doing something kind for those around us. The incredible efforts of the front-line staff have not gone unnoticed by any of us in our community and we felt it necessary that we play our parts too!
Thursday, we got active in whatever way we could within our 2km radius. Thankfully we were blessed with beautiful weather allowing us to get outside and get going! Some of us went for a cycle while some fancied a spot of gardening at home.
Finally, Friday, we felt it was apt to acknowledge what we were grateful for in these difficult, unprecedented times. We believed that this was a nice end to an activity filled week and it was the perfect time to stop and reflect on the positive things which we might take for granted, but which enrich our lives every day.
We really hope our week of Daily Goals made you smile just as it made us do during our Easter Holidays and hopefully it reminded you of some of the small things which build our community – such as generosity, sharing and togetherness.
and stay safe.
A big thank you must also be given to our TY students and background staff who led the Easter Lockdown in Loreto in style and made sure to keep our community busy for the week.