Navigating Transition Year as a student during Covid-19





Navigating Transition Year as a student during Covid-19

A TY student from Our Lady’s Templemore shares her opinion with Tipperary Star readers.

Deciding whether to do transition year or not this year was almost impossible.

As Coronavirus filled the world, my third-year self was warned, do not do TY, it will be rubbish, you’ll never go on any trips, it will be a waste of your money! I had no idea if I should take the risk and do transition year or skip on to fifth year and play it safe.

Obviously, in the end I decided to do TY and I could not be happier with my choice. From the very first day, we all received constant reassurance that our teachers would help us ensure our TY year was as successful as previous years.

We are aware of the global pandemic happening in our world right now and we not underestimate it but we are also not going to let Covid-19 be the sole focus of our TY year.

So far, we have been on a trip to Derg Isle Adventure Centre where our theme of friendship was illustrated really well.

From rock climbing, kayaking and rock climbing to trust falls and obstacle courses, we had an amazing day and there wasn’t one face that left Derg Isle without a smile on their face (under their mask of course!) Ms Fogarty, our TY co-ordinator has filled us in on the many plans in place for TY. Without doubt we are certainly going to be having an adventure filled year to say the least!

From internet safety talks, to class challenges and a Delphi trip in May, it’s safe to say this TY year will not be a boring one!

Even though we are only back to school a month, the unity and friendship is already so obvious in both classes and I am hopeful that every TY student enjoys the year as much as I already am.