Tipperary Schoolboys Southern and District League

Results –

Results –


Clonmel Celtic 1-2 Clerihan; St Kevins 8-1 Peake Villa; Clonmel Town 6-0 Clonmel Celtic; Cahir Park 0-5 Clerihan


Cashel Town 0-1 Clonmel Town B


Bansha Celtic 0-2 Cahir Park; Clerihan 1-3 Clonmel Town A; Peake Villa 2-1 St Michaels


Clonmel Town A 3-0 Clerihan; Moyglass 3-2 Peake Villa


Clonmel Town B 5-0 Clonmel Celtic B; St Kevins 3-0 Cashel Town; Cashel Town 2-3 Vee Rovers


Moyglass 3-3 St Kevins; Clonmel Town A 4-0 St Michaels; Peake Villa 2-2 Cashel Town; Clonmel Celtic 5-2 Cahir Park


Clonmel Celtic 0-7 Clonmel Town; St Kevins 4-0 Clonmel Celtic

Skills Tip – Dribbling;

1. Keep the ball under control using all three surfaces of the foot…inside; outside; sole

2. Keep an eye on where you are going…see your team-mates, your opponents, and the boundaries of the pitch

3. Learn various changes of direction…inside; outside; sole; Cryuff; step & push; scissors; Zidane drag and pull

4. Be comfortable changing speed…slow to fast or fast to slow

Coach Education

Kick Start 2, Cahir Park AFC , Saturday, October 13, 9.00am – 5pm, Sunday, October 14, 9.00am – 5pm

Fee: €75

The course is designed to assist coaches in the development of the player’s (aged 9-12 years) soccer specific and FUNdamental movement skills in game related functions, progressing into small sided games.


To provide coaches with the ability to:

Identify stages in the development of young players at the Learn to Train phase

Plan, organise and implement coaching sessions

Adapt activities to develop soccer specific skills in players in the Learn to Train phase

Reinforce and progress the player’s soccer specific and FUNdamental movement’s skills in game related functions, progressing into small sided games

Plan, implement and review sessions in a fun, safe and friendly environment

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