Tipperary Schoolboys Southern and District Soccer League

Results –

Results –


U12A Tipperary Cup Final

Clonmel Town A 5-0 Clonmel Celtiic

U12B League

St Michaels 3-0 Clonmel Town B

U13A Tipperary Cup semi-final

Clonmel Town A 0-1 Peake Villa

U13A League

Cahir Park 3-0 St Michaels

U13B Tipperary Cup semi-final

Cashel Town 1-2 Vee Rovers

U13B League

Cahir Park B 1-0 St Kevins

Gortnahue 1-2 Clonmel Town B

U14A League

Burncourt 0-3 St Michaels

Clonmel Celtic 2-4 Moyglass

U14B League

Cahir Park 8-1 Vee Rovers

U15 Tipperary Cup semi-final

Clonmel Town A 2-0 Moyglass

U15 League

St Kevins 3-0 Clonmel Celtic

St Michaels 3-2 Peake Villa

U16 League

St Kevins 3-3 Bansha Celtic


U14 League

Kilbehenny Celtic 3-0 Clerihan

Burncourt Celtic 1-3 Cashel Town

Results and League tables can be viewed at WWW.TSSDL.ie

Congratulations to St Kevins won were crowned as champions of the U16 league for 2012/13. Clonmel Town & Peake Villa are battling out for the runners up spot

Congratulations also to the Clonmel Town teams that won the U12A & U16 Tipperary Cup Finals last weekend.

Tipperary Cup Finals

Next Sunday 21st April will see the following finals take place

U13A Cahir Park V Peake Villa

U13B Vee Rovers v Clonmel Celtic

U15 Clonmel Town V St Kevins

Venues & times for these matches can be viewed at www.tssdl.ie