Spinning - what’s it all about?

What is indoor cycle, or spinning, as it is more commonly named? This is a question we are constantly asked.

What is indoor cycle, or spinning, as it is more commonly named? This is a question we are constantly asked.

Well the bottom line is indoor cycling is a vigorous exercise class and it is a great class for burning calories and keeping your muscles in shape. Lots of people think, oh cycling is only good for your legs, but in an indoor cycle class with us in Kool School, you work out your entire body as you do not spend the 45 minutes sitting on the saddle, you also stand, and because there are different positions on the handle bars you get to work your upper body also through a variety of movements.

Just like a normal bike a spin bike has gears so as the class progresses we up the gears as if mountain climbing or sprint on lower gears to race to the finish line. Beginners are always welcome in our classes as you do not have to stand for as long as others in the class might do, or you could keep the bike at the same low gear or easy gear throughout the class until you become used to it all. A good instructor will always look after a beginner in their class without making them feel like they are the standing out from everyone else.

Your instructor will use energised music to keep you motivated in the class and may even take you on a pretend journey so you can visualise whats ahead. The instructor will guide you through the workout phases, warm up, staedy up tempo cadences, sprints, climbs, cool down etc. But as I have already said you have control of your own bike so you choose the resistance to make the peddals as easy or as difficult as you want with the idea of staying with the instructor’s instrucions as much as possible. Constant adjustment from the instructor is normal as this adds variety and fun to the class. It is not much fun sitting on the bike, pedalling and going nowherefor 45 minutes, and that is why our indoor cycle classes are fun different and sweaty! All you need to bring is water and small towel, your feet will be strapped into the pedals so comfortable workout runners and workout clothes are essential.

So if you are still not sure what indoor cycling is all about, picture this:

Ten bikes, all lined up in a studio full of other indoor cycling enthuasists, music pumping, instructor at top of the class facing you calling out commands to encourage you and take you on a journey throughout the class, everyone getting hot and sweaty, (ie. burning calories) and most importantly having fun. Your instructor will keep you working for 40-45 minutes including warm up and cool down.

In an indoor cycle class the workout is influenced by a couple of things:

-Pedal rate

-Resistance of the bike-pedalling easier or more difficult

-Rider’s position-seated or standing

Remember when starting out you are never expected to keep up with the instructor, your main aim is to get the workout you came for. It does not take too long to get used to indoor cycling but after a coulple of classes you will be used to the bike, used to the instructions, and eventually racing everyone else in there!

And when you think about it if you love cycling and the weather is bad well then take it indoors! If you hate cycling cause you find it boring well I am telling you now Indoor cycling is far from boring and totally different from taking your bike out on a typical day!!!

To find out more you can contact Karen in Kool School, Clonmel on 087 9152377

Kool School run classes Mon - Thurs 6.15pm, also 8.15pm Thursday, 6:45pm Friday.