The windows to our soul

The eyes are the windows to our soul as the saying goes, but they are also one of the first things we notice about a person’s face.

The eyes are the windows to our soul as the saying goes, but they are also one of the first things we notice about a person’s face.

They are also one of the easiest parts of our face to beautify. Eyebrows can be considered the latest cult products in a way - by simply shaping, tinting or pencilling in eyebrows, our face can be changed.

Shaping your eyebrows at home can be one of the hardest things to get right and don’t forget if you do go too far and pluck half of your brow away it will take anything up to a year to get them back. If you are going to pluck at home the best way to start is to have them professionally shaped first and then you can follow that shape at home only going back to the salon when you need the shape redefined again. Eyebrow shaping is one of the cheapest treatments in a beauty salon but it saves so much pain in the long run.

If you do decide to get them shaped in a salon there are now three options widely available: tweezing, waxing and threading. Normally waxing and tweezing are used together the wax is used to remove most of the unwanted hair and the tweezing is used to really define the shape.

Tweezing can be used on its own but will take slightly longer to carry out than with using wax. This is a good solution if you are allergic to wax or are very sensitive.

Threading is another type of hair removal that has become popular in recent years. It involves catching hair between a thread and pulling it out. Threading can give a lovely really defined shaped to eyebrows and is also good for anyone allergic to wax or sensitive.

Tinting is used on people who want to darken their eyebrows or to cover grey hairs. The hair is coloured to a darker colour which really enhances the brow shape. This is a brilliant treatment for women who look like they have no brows but they are just very light. It is another fast treatment only taking a few minutes and is often done while tinting eyelashes as well. It makes a huge difference 
to the whole face and really opens up your eyes.

The last step in having the perfect brows is to define them with a dark eye shadow, brow pencil or a Special Brow kit that includes a waterproof powder, Brush and stencil. These kits are brilliant and although most are around €30 - €50 they are an investment product. The kits them self’s last for ages and with the stencil included you can have the perfect brow shape every time you go out. These kits have gotten extremely popular and can be found at many Makeup Counters and Beauty Salons.

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