Hello baby, bye bye jelly belly

Linda English, the Beauty Spot
When you have had a baby, be it your first or fifth, you will notice serious changes to your body afterwards.

When you have had a baby, be it your first or fifth, you will notice serious changes to your body afterwards.

These are the things no one told you about beforehand, and can come as quite a shock to you. Jelly belly, saggy boobs, dry skin, stretch marks - the list can go on and on. But the good news is that these are reversible with some time and patience, and work.

When you come home from the hospital it hits you that life as you knew it no longer applies. What was once important is now so far down the list, it doesn’t matter anymore. New priorities are in place like trying to get four hours of sleep together, or my favourite, trying to go out somewhere and taking an hour to pack the car with every baby item in the house just incase!

By just eating healthy and getting out for a small walk during the day you will soon get close to your original weight. This will help, not only your body but your head as well. When the time comes that you want to lose the rest of the weight and tone up, then start looking into exercising and healthy eating. There are many weight loss programmes out there but the best ones to go for are ones that will help you achieve new habits and keep them. This will lead to long lasting weight loss without starving yourself.

Skin can get very dry after pregnancy particularly if breastfeeding. The most important beauty tip is to drink lots of water, at least two litres a day. This will hydrate your skin from inside where it matters and will give you more energy and help you feel a lot better in yourself as well. Skin can also look dull and have stretch marks so moisturising is very important. Cocoa butter, something like Palmers, is excellent for dry skin and smells fab too. Bio Oil is also brilliant for deep hydration all over. When applying the moisturiser spend a couple of minutes massaging it into the problem areas, this will help get a bit of tone back and help with cellulite as well.

If you just can’t go outside without some makeup on, a tinted moisturiser is a great thing to have. There are three great ranges available in Boots and most pharmacies with something for all pockets:

- Olay Essentials Complete Care Touch Of Max Factor Foundation Moisturising Cream SPF15 €13.29

- Nivea Daily Essentials Tinted moisturising Day Cream SPF 8 €3.99

- Lancome Hydra Zen Tinted Moisturiser €35.00

Finally remember that it took nine months to grow your baby, so expect it to take a few months at least to get your body back.

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