Step into 2014 with aerobics

It may not be considered the hippest fitness class, but step aerobics is certainly going to make a big come back this year.

It may not be considered the hippest fitness class, but step aerobics is certainly going to make a big come back this year.

Don’t be discouraged! Step aerobics is so much more than a spandex leotard! Once a popular workout fad of the ‘80s and ‘90s, this exercise routine gets the Kool School vote for 2014 and here’s why!

Zumba has taken the step aerobics to another level, and taken lower body workouts and calorie burning to new heights with, the newest Zumba® programme. It tones and strengthen glutes and legs with a gravity-defying blend of Zumba routines and step aerobics. It can give your students maximum results without losing the easy-to-follow fitness-party!

So where can we find this new life changing Zumba Step, you ask? Well, it’s coming to Ireland in March and don’t worry, Kool School instructors are on it like a car bonnet! Anyone teaching Zumba Step now is should not be doing so, as the Zumba Master Instrutors are only introducing it in March.

But don’t worry there is plenty to do until then and Kool School have you covered. We run a Zumba class every Monday in Clonmel Studio, at 6.15pm just bring towel

and water.

What should encourage you to start Step Aerobics?

With Kool School, it is only €5 - cheaps as chips, pardon

the pun!

Kool School include some sort of dance (merengue or salsa) into the mix, encouraging you to get your groove on.

It’s like riding a bicycle. Even if you haven’t been to a step class in five years, you’ll quickly remember how to do the ‘L’ step or a hamstring curl. Since we don’t always have time for lengthy workouts, in 45 mins you’ll have your full workout complete.

At the end of step aerobics Kool School have a toning period using weights and body sculpting exercise.

The funky up to date music may get your mind going, but the exercise certainly gives your body a run for its money. At the end of these classes, you can’t tell whether you have taken a shower or desperately need to.

As intense as the workout can be, you can also manage it to suit your needs. Add as many steps as you want to make it more intense - we show different ways to adapt the routine to suit your needs.

While the cardio workout is thorough, your muscles always show their appreciation the following day. It’s a sure way to tone your heart and limbs.

More than anything, it’s fun! No leotartd required, just your runners and something comfty.

For more info on all our fitness classes check us out on Facebook: koolschoolhealthandfitness or contact Nikki 086 1572336