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A new year is a new start, so why not start afresh when applying makeup?

A new year is a new start, so why not start afresh when applying makeup?

Often people associate coverage with the amount of foundation they use. This way of thinking can sometimes mean you end up caked in makeup. Coverage is achieved usually by finding a full coverage foundation that has lots of pigment in it, but not by lashing on huge amounts of it.

Start first with concealer. Find a concealer that matches your skin colour. You don’t want to have big white patches under your eyes as this is nearly as bad as dark circles. Start by applying the concealer in a triangle from the corner of your eye across to the inside of your eye and then down along by your nose and finally back over to the corner of your eye. This should give you a triangle shape. Only lightly apply the concealer. Once you put the foundation over it will give more coverage again. Next dot on concealer where you need it and blend it in. You will look funny at this stage, but don’t worry too much.

The next step is foundation. I usually use a regular foundation brush and paint on the foundation. Followed by buffing in the foundation using a stipple brush. Using the stipple brush rub the foundation into your skin. This is what gives a flawless complexion. If you want you can build some coverage here by applying very light layers of foundation - this will stop it looking like it was put on with a trowel!

Once this is done set your foundation with a translucent powder. This will get rid of any shine and also keep you foundation on longer. Now you have the perfect base. From here you work on the eyes but if you are brave and want a dark smokey eye, do the eyes first and then the foundation. The dark shadows will always fall down on your foundation and then you end up with patches at the corners of your eyes. Not a good look.

If you want to highlight your upper cheek bone now is the time. I find using a foundation, concealer or highlighter you gently dab on to the top part of the cheek bone just under your eye. Blend it in so it doesn’t look like a strip of shine and you are done highlighting.

To really finish your look you need blush. This is one of the most important makeup’s you can use. It gives cheek bones, can be used to give you a younger looking glow, and finishes any look. When applying blush, less is more. Start with a small amount either on the apples of you cheeks or on your cheek bone and blend, blend, blend. If you want more then build it up in layers taking your time as you go and always stopping to check how it looks. So start practicing because that is the only way to get perfect your makeup application.

Linda runs the Beauty Spot in Clogheen and is also a freelance makeup artist.