Football Qualifiers Round 1

Tipp will be hoping for a home draw and to avoid Mayo and Tyrone

Who might Tipp get?

Jeddy Walsh


Jeddy Walsh


Tipp will be hoping for a home draw and to avoid Mayo and Tyrone

Tipp captain Robbie Kiely in action against Tyrone. Tyrone will face Meath in Round 1 of the qualifiers and if they advance could be possible opponents for Tipp in Round 2???

Following defeat to Cork in the Munster Senior Football Championship semi-final on Saturday night last, Tipperary must now wait for Round 2 of the qualifiers on Saturday, 23rd June.

Tipperary will be hoping for a home draw, and perhaps to avoid the two stand-out big hitters who unusually this year find themselves in the qualifers at such an early stage, ie, Mayo and Tyrone.

The full draw for round 1 was made on Monday morning and is as follows, with the team expected (my tip) to get through to Round 2 in bold.

Derry v Kildare

Meath v Tyrone

London v Louth

Wicklow v Cavan

Offaly v Antrim

Limerick v Mayo

Westmeath v Armagh

Wexford v Waterford

So Kildare, Tyrone, Louth, Cavan, Offaly, Mayo, Armagh and Wexford will be joined by Tipperary, Leitrim, most likely Carlow and Longford, and then the two losing semi-finalists in Ulster, probably Fermanagh and Down, in Round 2.

A home draw in Semple Stadium would be a big help to Tipperary to get them into Round 3, where a win would put The Premier just one step away from the Super 8’s. A lot of if, buts and maybes yet, but that’s exactly what the summer qualifiers are each year.

We’ll just have to wait for now…. and hope for a touch of Lady Luck!