Exciting development: Tipperary Football Committee launch 'Football Strategic Plan 2018-20'

Brian McDonnell


Brian McDonnell



Exciting development: Tipperary Football Committee launch 'Football Strategic Plan 2018-20'

In an exciting development the Tipperary Football Committee, a sub committee of the Tipperary County Board, have launched the 'Football Strategic Plan 2018-20'. On Tuesday, July 24th at the July meeting of the County Board vice-chairman of the Football Committee Conor O'Dwyer (Upperchurch-Dombane) introduced delegates to the strategic plan, the key points associated with it and the process involved in developing the strategic plan which will go before the county convention for ratification later this year.

As matters stand five hundred copies of the strategic plan have been printed and will be circulated among the clubs of Tipperary while two key launch events are scheduled to take place later this year - in Nenagh on Saturday, August 25th and in Clonmel on Saturday, September 8th.

Mr O'Dwyer explained that following a “brainstorming” session (which took place earlier this year and worked to analyse where Gaelic football was going right and wrong in the county) a series of working groups then pieced together a draft strategic plan which features a series of recommendations.

Following the launch events in Nenagh and Clonmel later this year the Football Committee will take on board the feedback gathered before finally bringing the strategic plan before the county convention.

The strategic plan focuses on a number of key areas: the promotion of football among the general public in Tipperary, the promotion and development of the game in primary and secondary schools, juvenile participation levels and the associated competition structures, adult participation levels and the associated competition structures and the development of the game in non-traditional areas.

Conor O'Dwyer revealed that the Football Committee needed to “create a better awareness of Gaelic football among the Tipperary public” while he also hoped that the strategic plan could work to “maxmise the opportunity presented by the 100-year anniversary of Bloody Sunday” in 2020.

Thus far the strategic plan features a number of eye-catching proposals which could have a transformative effect on Gaelic football in the county. The strategic plan, for instance, proposes that the Cumann na mBunscol county football finals be played at Semple Stadium. The strategic plan also proposes to break all divisional links with the county championships at all adult grades, to create a series of regional skills development workshops, to install one football promotion officer in every club and to appoint a GDA in the county dedicated exclusively to football.

During a highly-impressive presentation Conor O'Dwyer revealed that “we are the only county in Ireland where every single child gets a chance to play both hurling and Gaelic football”. Mr O'Dwyer did, however, warn that “it is one thing to get it all down on paper, but it is another thing to actually do what you say you are going to do”.

Conor O'Dwyer was warmly congratulated on the quality of his presentation while Barry O'Brien (the chairman of the Football Committee) complimented the Upperchurch-Drombane man for “being the driving force behind the strategic plan”.


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