The View: Conscious of his great reputation, straight talking Sheedy will shake things up in Tipp

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Is Liam Sheedy set for dramatic return as Tipperary senior hurling manager?

Liam Sheedy will shake things up in Tipperary for the coming season.

Supporters at this stage, should dampen their expectations and allow for the new structure to evolve and for the process to grow organically.

The ratification of Liam Sheedy as Tipperary senior hurling manager has sent ripples of excitement throughout the Premier County and rightly so - afterall, Sheedy would have been top of most peoples wish list when it came to replacing Michael Ryan.

However, supporters at this stage, should dampen their expectations and allow for the new structure to evolve and for the process to grow organically.
There will not be a quick fix solution to the Tipperary hurling crux and it will take time for the the new management to bed in and for their ideas to be digested.
In saying that, Liam takes over the county team in better condition that when he last assumed the helm.

All-Ireland winners as recently as 2016, Tipperary were not a million miles away in 2017 when beaten by a single point by the eventual champions Galway.
This season did not work out at all but the mitigating circumstances conspired to ensure that Michael Ryan's men would endure a very difficult campaign which came to a premature end - had Tipperary gotten out of Munster, they would still have had a massive say in the destination of the Liam MacCarthy Cup.
So, Sheedy has emerged from the fog to present a clear vision for where Tipperary hurling needs to go. By all accounts, his presentation to the five-man committee was astonishing for its vision, its enthusiasm and its execution - vintage Sheedy, you might say.
Reports also suggest that the players have been energised by the prospects of having Sheedy back again and if the new management team can channel that energy, then a new Tipperary can emerge come the new season.Of course, the focus now turns to the back room team and who might be playing the supporting roles to the main man.
Sheedy, a believer in management being an all-inclusive phenomenon, will leave no stone unturned to ensure that he has the right personnel with him. He is likely to bring in his own team and this will have the effect of freshening up things somewhat.
But who will be his coach and his selectors?
Knowing Sheedy's powers of persuasion, it could well be a return to the fold for former coaches Eamon O'Shea or Tommy Dunne.
Both are highly respected, but so too are Brian Horgan and Michael Bevans although they would have less senior experience - Horgan was there in the early days of the Michael Ryan regime.
Selector-wise, it could be anybody and many names have been mentioned including Eamon Kelly of Kiladangan with whom he is very close.

But one thing is certain, Liam Sheedy will demand the absolute maximum from his closest confidantes - there will be no acceptance of anything less than 100%.
That's the way he operates in business as Regional Manager of Bank of Ireland, and that is the way he has operated with Tipperary minor and senior teams in the past as well.
Don't misunderstand - the new Tipperary senior hurling panel members will have a ball - Sheedy is very personable and has a great sense of humour.
But, he is also a very straight talking, direct, disciplinarian who wont tolerate any messing.
Slackness will result in sanction; indiscipline will mean dismissal; and not buying into his mantra will prove fatal for non believers.
If the feeling was out there that things needed a shake-up, Sheedy will be the one doing the shaking.
After all, his reputation is now on the line, big time.